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Good read from Ben Thompson - Defining Aggregators

Been a subscriber for years now and one investment I highly recommend as it stimulates the mind daily

Defining aggregators 


Apple and the rumor removal of headphone jack

Nilay and John Gruber both has written good arguments from both side on why the headphone jack should stay and it should go for the advancement of technology.

A few other opinions on this issue are:

- lighting cable itself is easily broken if you hang it out like a headphone, just try it. It will need to strengthen considerably for it to be headphone jack in my opinion

- to charge the phone while listening to music, how is that possible? Pass through adaptor? Bluetooth?

- the Gruber argument on Apple removng the floppy disk... well, those days the market share with the Mac is what again? 

I am doubtful this is real since it's really just rumor at this point but if Apple really do this, I think people will decide with their money and 2016 iPhone won't sell well... 

Just some thoughts...


Wild ideas that I would want to see happen

With so many sites putting out headline grabbing title and click bait type of articles... and many articles aren't 'validated' or the news are not true... Wonder if there's a market for some form of 'pipe' where articles get passed through the system and out spit some sense of truth / untruth / original source / scam / date of article origin / curated / uncurated... and give 'clarity' to the readers.

Services like Readability and Pocket are those I used so often but imagine a service like that... you saved all your articles to it, not only is the unnecessary ads being stripped away, and offline reading mode but also things 'useful' stats like when did such article first appear, by whom, validated source or not, based on database (google would be the obvious one) whether how many % is likely to be true or scam or untruth or mixed... and related articles which this article is based on / extracted from... and such.


What I want in Apple News app 

Flipboard is a great app but the constant page of asking me to 'follow people' is really starting to get annoying for me. For such great app, I would rather pay for it to remove those unnecessary things (or allow me to turn it off) Hope Apple's News app won't have such... at least before iAds start appearing...


Hong Kong Dec 2014